We love chocolate. We always have.

My love of cooking came from my mom and dad, Laura and Louis Auel. When I was a child, they would make chocolates, their specialty being Chocolate Easter Eggs. Christmas and Easter were very special family memories, enjoying being together and eating candy.

My parents found the best ingredients to work with and made their recipes from scratch. They would recruit all of the family members to help with the making process. In the kitchen that they had set up in the basement for candy making, we would sit around the marble slab and do whatever was needed. We tried to get my mom and dad to open up a candy store, but the idea never became a reality for them.

Now I am living their dream and mine as well with all their wonderful recipes. Mom has passed, but dad comes to the store every now and again to help. I want to share these great family recipes with you and your families so you can make your own special memories.